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TTR Product Line

Our TTR offer:

Wax for printing general purpose labels. It is the most economical choice for a product, shipping, warehousing or distribution labels. We offer 3 different wax thermal transfer ribbons that provide unbeatable printing quality and performance for all-purpose marking and imprinting.

Wax-Resin for labels exposed to occasional rough handling, abrasion, outdoor elements, or chemical contact. We offer 4 different wax/resin thermal transfer ribbons  fobe asr a flat and 3 other TTR developed for a  printing on Near Edge printers. All our Wax Resin TTR provide higher durability images that can withstand rough handling, abrasion, occasional chemical exposure or outdoor elements.

Resin for harsh environment labeling where resistance to extreme abrasion, heat, and chemicals is imperative. We offer 2 standard and 2 premium Resin TTR. Full Resin TTR provide maximum durability, with the highest level of resistance to abrasion, heat, steam, and various chemicals.

Wax, Wax-Resin and Resin Near Edge - specifically designed for near edge printers like TEC and Novexx, and for direct printing on flexible packaging like Markem or Jaguar printers. We offer 2 Wax, 1 Wax-Resin standard, 2 Wax-Resin premium, 2 Wax-Resin online and 3 Resin Near Edge TTR. Our Near Edge thermal transfer ribbons offer outstanding performance at high print speeds, exceptional print quality and image durability.

Colors Wax, Wax-Resin, Resin, Wax-Resin Near Edge - Print color variable information for color coding, inventory tracking, and item matching. Color can be a powerful tool when combined with thermal transfer printing. Printing color tags and labels assure quick visual recognition for coding, stocking, tracking, or retrieving merchandise. We offer color TTR available in 30 process and spot colors. Most of them we are able to supply in a standard or small minimum quantity and with standard delivery terms (pallet link below)

Security enhanced ribbons - thermal transfer is a highly customizable, low-cost method of delivering authentication and brand protection. By utilizing existing printers, it's easy to add covert security features via thermal tranfer with minimal investment.

UV INVISIBLE - any image can be printed with UV Invisible thermal transfer ribbons. Messages, logos and bar codes not readily apparent when printed on a label will flare with bright fluorescence under standard ultraviolet light, uncovering the image.

FIREFLY - replace standard black thermal transfer ribbons with Firefly, which produces black images that glow under UV light. Firefly can be added without changing the appearance of your current labels and is a good first line of defense against counterfeiting.

Tracksure TTR - trackSure TTR carries chemical markers via thermal transfer ribbon that are invisible to the human eye and can only be identified via a proprietary reader. TrackSure TTR is the perfect track and trace solution for brand owners faced with grey market or product diversion issues.

Color TTR pallet