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Our Services - How to order TTR

Main information required to provide you a right TTR rolls:

  • make and model printer
  • type of material being printed on (Vellum, Matt Coated, Synthetic etc.)
  • conditions subjected to durability (Scratch, smear, heat, chemicals)
  • label width (ribbon must be wider than the label, too wide may cause wrinkling)

Our services:

Made to mesure - sizes from 1'' to 8'' in lengths of up to 1,600 m, available for thermal transfer printers like Zebra, Sato, Datamax, Intermec, CAB, and more. in small and large quantities, upon your request we can cut, wind, label and pack each ribbon. You select cores made from cardboard or plastic, with or without notches, with diameters from 10 mm right up to 40 mm based on your own customer’s TT printer requirements. We can even deliver solutions for the most specialised of printing systems. The minimum order is based on foil quality, roll length and width.

Short delivery therms – we supply you standard in 3 working days, when needed we offer also 48 our service and for special occasions we are able to provide you with express 24 hours delivery time. Delivery same day of ordering (order received until 12:00 AM).

Core choice – our core choice items are made up of the most common ribbons required by end users – a mix of ribbons covering all the major printer families in a variety of inks, widths and lengths. Because these items are high-volume as well as commonly available through other manufacturers, we can offer this group at our most competitive prices. Included in this group are ribbons made for uncommon printers, or ribbons that come in less popular sizes.

Non-standard – include ribbons for obsolete or very uncommon printers, ribbons with unique sizes (widths and lengths), and ribbons in atypical ink formulations. Sales volumes for these are very low and are therefore more valued than Competitive Advantage items.

Specialty – The Specialty items are products which cannot be provided in standard range. These items are very unique and are specifically for bespoke or very rare printers.

Packaging - all ribbons are packed in cardboard boxes. As standard we pack each roll individually to the PP foil, well protected from dust and moisture. To prevent unnecessary waste, we supply all ribbons without an attached empty core.

We are well known for our service and reliability.

Important documents and certificates we dispose for our TTR range (MSDS, ROHS, ISEGA, Technical data sheet)

All mentioned documents are available for all our TTR products upon request. Please contact us stating your requirement. We will send you a copy by e-mail, FAX or post. If the information you require is not listed, please contact us for assistance.