Zebra 140Xi4

Xi™ series printers have proven their reliability time and again in the harshest of mission-critical applications. With a design based on a rugged steel case and rigid print mechanism, the new Xi4™ printer raises the bar once more.

This new Xi4 model has a print speed of 356mm (14") per second, a 128mm print width and resolution of 203dpi.

The backwards-compatible Xi4 printer is designed so users and system administrators can quickly identify and resolve printer issues, with early-warning systems that indicate when to service the printhead and change ribbons/media, as well as remote printer-management/monitoring through ZebraNet™ Bridge Enterprise.

Whether your connection is wired or wireless, the Xi4 printer’s 10/100 Ethernet and secure 802.11b/g wireless network connectivity, together with printer-management applications, meet the needs of both small and large networks.

So whatever extremes you need to go to, the new Xi4 printer will take you there.