Genuine Zebra Supplies

Your choice of card printer supplies is the number one factor affecting the reliability and consistency of card printing. To get the most from your Zebra card printer, choose from an array of Genuine Zebra Supplies designed for your specific needs.

All Zebra supplies are tested and matched specifically to Zebra card printers, providing rich color and highly detailed printed images. Genuine Zebra Supplies meet stringent quality standards, delivering consistent results every time.

The wide range of Genuine Zebra Supplies includes both standard and custom-made media solutions for all applications. Not only do Zebra supplies maximize your Zebra card printer performance, but they help minimize wear and tear on critical printer parts, reducing overall maintenance costs.

  • Print Ribbons - Card printer ribbons. Choose Genuine Zebra TrueColours® ribbons for plastic card printing. Stringent quality standards, consistent print results, rich color, highly detailed images.
  • Laminates & Overlays - Choose Genuine Zebra TrueColours® varnish overlay and laminate ribbons for plastic card printing. Prolongs card life, prevents card alteration.
  • Cards - PVC Cards for Card printing. Choose Genuine Zebra plastic cards and smart cards. Stringent quality standards, consistent print results.
  • Cleaning Supplies - Card printer cleaning suppliers. Choose Genuine Zebra cleaning supplies. Clean printers produce better image quality and extend the life of critical printer parts.