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Zebra TTP 7030

The TTP 7030 is a fast, reliable, and versatile kiosk printer specially designed for unattended operation. It’s built to work in harsh environments such as heat, cold, and vibration. And with the jam-preventing loop presenter, guillotine cutter, and pull detector, the TTP 7030 provides trouble-free operation. The only maintenance required is to replace the media roll. The TTP 7030 can support 80/3.5" to 112 mm/4.4" media width, plus a wide printing format that provides room for extensive information or graphics, allowing Web- or A4-pages to be downscaled into pocket format. When connected via USB interface, the printer is plug-and-play compatible with Windows or the printer can be addressed directly from the kiosk software in text mode. The TTP 7030 has Flash memory to store large downloaded files like fonts and graphics.

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