How it works

Due to the patented function of the TAGIT system ,it allows for the detection of security labels in ANY orientation .Most systems operate on a 2 dimensional principal and only achieve a detection rate of 65-70 % . TAGIT has developed a state of the art system to overcome the phisical restraints of previous construction methods. Due to our UNIQUE 3D detection solution, TAGIT boost detection up to an amazing 95% .

Main advantages :

      -  detection rate boosted up to 95%  !

      -  even if the product covered by metal ,the detection working without any problems

      - offers possibility to protect metallic products or products with metallic packages !

      - offers possibility of usage on round surfaces¨

      - very wide variety of labels  /sizes-types

      -  easy hiding of security stripes /labels

      -  usually lower prices of labels


Main disadvantages :

  • Higher purchase price of the system
  • Limited distance between antennas - 1 m

Video, how system works here